A New Tomorrow

Sooner is dedicated to a culture of safety, inclusion and loyalty to our employees and our customers worldwide. We are proud of our retention, with most employees averaging 10+ years of service. We are committed to providing a true work-life balance to all of our employees and dedicated to promoting a place of growth and excellence.


  • 278 employees at Sooner.
  • Nearly a century of success navigating the oil and gas market.
  • History of safety, inclusion and diversity.

Our Team

Just beginning your career or already a seasoned professional? Sooner is looking for people who are willing to grow with our company into the future. Join us today!

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Sooner embraces diversity in every form, recognizing that every person is valuable and unique, deserving of respect and dignity. Sooner is proud of our team and is always looking for ways to ensure each individual is represented, safe and acknowledged.

"I enjoy working for Sooner because I have a chance to make a difference. Employees are our most valuable assets and I’m committed to making sure every employee is heard and valued. I’m proud to work for a company that values people over everything else."

Denise Pallais, HR Manager

"There is never a dull moment at Sooner. There is always an exciting challenge and opportunity, and we work hard to implement innovative strategies to advance the technology used by both employees and customers."

Hemal Solanki, General Manager IT

Starting your Career

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Help shape our future and solidify our position as leaders in our industry.
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Work with outstanding people in dynamic, collaborative teams who are always looking to find better ways of doing things.
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We adopt ecologically-efficient designs and technologies to keep our people safe and healthy, and reduce our impact on the environment.
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We understand that a long-term industrial project means growing together with communities where we operate.
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We understand the importance of giving you the chance to learn and develop new skills by exploring different positions.
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Join a culturally-diverse team, united in our commitment to excellence.
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From one corner of the world to another, our global organization will encourage you to share knowledge and best practices.
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We select and promote individuals based on their performance, experience, abilities, interpersonal skills and commitment.
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Our worldwide compensation and salary structure is positioned competitively in each and every one of the markets where we operate.
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We continuously invest in our mills, service centers, training and research centers, focused on a sustainable, state-of-the-art industrial footprint in every community where we operate.



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